BizDevGuy operated as a consulting organization from 2003 until 2010. Based on Jim Haviland’s extensive network of entrepreneurs, consultants and smart people. BizDevGuy gathered teams to complete projects involving new business and product launches, strategic assessments, Digital Marketing program, partnership programs, and a host other interesting experiences.

Our client list included:

  • Raybook (acquired by Epocrates in 2010)
  • The Environmental Protection Agency
  • HR Talent Management Suite (HRTMS)
  • Quintiles
  • Accredit Consulting – an internal project started in 2006 as the potential for a major economic downturn seemed likely. A combination of consulting and technology was directed at helping medical schools apply educational technologies in a way that would positively impact the curriculum, the students, and their LCME Accreditations.¬† Even this effort was thwarted by the size of the economic collapse in 2008. (Even if you win the RFP, you don’t get paid unless they let you do the work.)
  • Duke University School of Medicine
  • Florida Atlantic University School of Medicine
  • University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine
  • KOYONO where Jim Haviland acted as Chief Experience Officer (CXO) in the design of customer experience and digital marketing efforts.

Our business model was designed to allow early-stage organizations get access to teams of professionals to expedite growth through a portfolio of remunerations.

Ultimately, the economic climate of 2008 slowed all of our investment projects and crushed a very healthy sales pipeline.¬† Our portfolio of cash, stock, and performance bonuses wasn’t sufficient to wait out the recession¬† so we retrenched in 2009 and eventually ended the endeavor all together in 2010.

These pages are here as a reference and resource for future entrepreneurs who might like to learn from our exploits. Feel free to contact Jim Haviland through LinkedIn if you are curious to hear about what we learned along the way.

All of the tools and articles published by BizDevGuy are archived at http://gobuzzgo.com/

BizDevGuy wants to accelerate your new business initiative.

Since 2003, a small band of consultants and other professionals, working under the BizDevGuy banner, has been using technology, experience and creativity to help businesses find new customers or provide a better (and more profitable) experience for customers.

BizDevGuy builds programs based on the the Pragmatic Marketing Framework, allowing for structured, iterative development that fit into frameworks for other service providers. It’s a pretty geniusy way to look at sales and marketing components and be able to work with a number of service providers and internal resources and maintain a consistent set of plans and assets.

Our services include:

  • eMarketing for B2B and Retail: Using either low-cost proprietary systems or open sources tools, nearly every business can improve their relationship with their customers using eCommerce, email marketing, blogs and other web tools.
  • Contract Business Development & Channel Program Development: The best way to fund your business is through sales. The easiest way to sell is to offer something beneficial to people you know. There are many factors to consider and policies to be developed when putting together a channel program. Our consultants have the knowledge, wisdom and experience to get you to new business faster.
    We know a lot of people with a lot of needs – and we’re always expanding the network. We can help find new customers for you.
  • Business Plans and Concept Articulation: Whether you are starting something new or redirecting an existing operation, a clearly articulated plan can help you get where you want to be and give funders or stakeholders confidence.
  • Customer Experience Consulting: Let BizDevGuy’s consultants help you better understand how your customers see you and what will make them love you. Every interaction with your customers leaves an impression. It is important to take full advantage of the ones you can control and to develop a way a learning from the ones you don’t control.
  • Strategic Assessment: The Strategic Assessment procedure from BizDevGuy gathers the goals, assets, relationships and impediments of the organization and develops an empirical method for determining whether your plans are likely to result in your goals. This is also sometimes referred to as out second opinion service. Within our 5-part project plan we can either help you develop the plan or check it against your present assumptions. The five steps: Catalog, Map, Metrics, Forecast, Recommendation.