Free Web Application Tools for Non-Techies

Most of our projects end up requiring us to manage a bunch of data. Usually that data includes the need for entry forms and reports. For our start-up clients, in particular, this is where the projects can get bogged down or the costs become troublesome. Luckily, it has never been easier to collect and manage data, even for the non-technical worker, even for little or no money.

This article from Network World offers an announcement that IBM has joined Oracle and others in offering free on-line app building tools that are aimed at enabling the non-technical user.

Customer lists, data that’s manipulated for an event, data that needs to be shared by a bunch of people…none of this belongs in a speadsheet on someone’s desktop. Wrong information is much worse than no information and sharing files always [ ALWAYS ] leads to version errors (Is this the latest version? Does this copy have those important changes in it?).

These tools make it easier and give your operation a professional boost. It’s worth spending a few minutes to learn the interface.

IBM alphaWorks tools site