Office Software – free without compromise…or stealing

No matter how much you don’t like monopolies, it is hard to question the wisdom of owning Microsoft Office…except that there are some prettty decent alternatives.
Internally, we have taken to using OpenOffice. With version 2.2 nearly all of the quirkiness that made it “not ready for your Mom” is gone and all of the functionality that we commonly rely on in that product from Redmond is there.
We test everything we can get our hands on, but the thing we are most excited about is Google Docs.

Not only can you build robust documents, but you can also collaborate on the documents with other users.

Documents are saved remotely and can be exported in a wide range of formats.

We are also very interested in the launch of Scrybe. Watch for details.

BizDevGuy's favorite project management and collaboation site

Most BizDevGuy clients get introduced to BackPackIt, a very inexpensive collaboration utility that is free to our clients (unless they want to create their own pages.). As a central repository for to do lists, notes, files, graphics and a number of other collaboration tools, it does a lot of the heavy lifting while remaining simple to use. BackPackIt is a product of 37Signals, the makers of BaseCamp and other very inexpensive collaboration tools.

The interface is quite intuitive but not quite WYSIWYG, but for about $5/month you get a lot of functionality that continues to expand as the folks at 37signals keep getting smarter.